AWARE Coordinator/Continuing Education Coordinator/Licensed Psychologist

portrait of amanda lawson-ross


PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Akron

Professional Interests

Dr. Lawson-Ross’s areas of professional interests include positive psychology (e.g., bolstering strength and resilience), supervision and training, anxiety and stress reduction, diversity and multiculturalism, (e.g., gender and sexual minorities, student veterans, international students), social justice, recovery from eating disorders and trauma, and helping people work toward self-awareness and acceptance.

Approach to Therapy

Dr. Lawson-Ross’s approach to therapy is integrative and incoporates humanistic, feminist, interpersonal, mindfulness, emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and other modalities. She believes that fostering a safe, respectful, supportive and empowering environment promotes the discovery and development of strength, hope, acceptance and growth. She is committed to supporting others in their individual goals so they can live optimally.

Approach to Supervision

Dr. Lawson-Ross uses a developmental, feminist and interpersonal approach in supervision. She believes in an empowering and supportive style that focuses on both intra- and interpersonal awareness and growth. She strives to meet supervisee needs by listening and attentively shifting roles (teacher, counselor, conusltant) as needed.

Approach to Wellness

Dr. Lawson-Ross approaches wellness through spending time being active in nature (swimming, hiking, kayaking), enjoying the company of family and friends, and hanging with her spouse and pets. She enjoys balancing solitary activities like reading and meditation with travel and adventure with others.