Meet Our Staff

Our diverse staff…

represents various countries, territories, and states, including Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Taiwan; California, Florida, Illinois, New England, Texas, and Washington. Together, we speak several languages and dialects: Creole, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, and English. We share diversity in regard to race and ethnicity, including Asian, Black, Mixed, White; African American, Asian American, Caribbean, Cuban-American, Hawaiian, Latinx, Puerto Rican, and European American. We self-identify with diverse affectional orientations, such as gay, lesbian, and heterosexual. We are a majority of cisgender women. We come from different social class backgrounds, such as working class, middle class, and upper-middle. We also share diverse ability status, including visible and invisible mental and physical disabilities, such as ADHD and chronic health concerns. We have different world-views, like Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, Spiritual, Taoist, Catholic, and Christian. Among our staff some were international and/or first generation college students.


Practicum & Advanced Practicum Students

  • Practicum
    • Pearis Bellamy
    • Haram Kim
    • Brittanie Mahanna
    • Carla Prieto
    • Cagil Torgal-Aksoy
    • Dexter Wilborn


  • Advanced Practicum
    • Juiliana Guitelman
    • Maggie Hogan
    • Brianna Kane
    • Kristen Madrid
    • Melanie Mason
    • Victoria McNeil
    • Havi Tran
    • Amy Tseng


  • Benjamin Tillson, Administrative Support Assistant II
  • Carla Connell, Assistant Director, Administrative Services
  • Catherine Watson Powell, Clinical Services Representative I
  • Dallas Holmes-Thorkildson, Clinical Services Representative II
  • Heather Walters, Clinical Services Representative I
  • Janet Nobles, Administrative Support Assistant II
  • Lisa Faulk, Administrative Support Assistant I
  • Marie Southern, Administrative Specialist
  • Michelle Sexton, Senior Clerk
  • Robin Hollingsworth, Clinical Services Representative I
  • Vanessa Humphrey, Clinical Services Representative I
  • Wanda Latta, Clinical Services Representative III


  • Adriana Chwala, Graphic Designer I
  • Dan Ypsilanti, Graphic Designer II