Clinical Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Counselor Education and Practice, Georgia State University
MA, Mental Health Counseling, Wake Forest University
M.Div., Wake Forest University
BS, Biology, North Carolina A&T State University

Professional Interests

Black and African American populations, spirituality in counseling, holistic wellness, trauma recovery, body-mind integration

Approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy is interpersonal and spiritually based. I believe that cultivating a therapeutic relationship in which my clients feel seen, heard, and validated is key to their growth and healing. With warmth, empathy, acceptance and cultural humility, I hold sacred space for clients to access their inner wisdom, reclaim their sense of wholeness and embody their most authentic selves.

Approach to Supervision

My approach to supervision is developmental and therapist centered. I closely attend to trainees’ developmental level and tailor supervision to meet their needs accordingly. Utilizing the Discrimination Model of supervision, the focus of training oscillates between trainee self-awareness, interventions, and conceptualization. Depending on the developmental needs of the trainee, I take on the role of counselor, teacher, or consultant as appropriate.

Approach to Wellness

My approach to wellness involves prioritizing things that nurture and nourish my mind, body and soul. Spending time in nature, reading poetry, dancing, prayer and meditation, quality time with loved ones, and resting are important self-care practices for me.