Licensed Psychologist, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor


PSYD – Clinical Psychology. American School of Professional Psychology, Honolulu, Hawaii. Dissertation on Attachment Theory
MA – Clinical Psychology. Forest Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii. Thesis on Jungian Archetypes
MA – Counselor Ed. University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
BA – Humanities. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Professional Interests

Psychotherapy, trauma/healing, writing, assessment, report writing, medical psychology, adjunct teaching. I feel especially blessed to have worked with many gifted/disturbed kids, adolescents, college students, professors and professionals over the years, and to assist in and experience their growth and healing. Sometimes dream-work and art boosted the healing process. Potent personal growth experiences were related to surfing, Hawaiian culture, travel in Thailand, and meditation.

Scholarly Interests

Depth Psychology, Modern Attachment Theory (incorporates regulation theory, autonomic nervous system, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory). Somatic meditation, Tantric and Vajrayana Buddhism. Spiritual visionaries and innovators across history: Diotima, Prajapati, Carl Jung, Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Milton Erickson, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Chögyam Trungpa and Reggie Ray.

Approach to Therapy

Humanistic, emphasis on therapeutic alliance and authenticity.  Focus on achievable, meaningful, lasting, emotional healing and transformation. This includes recovery from overwhelming ‘negative’ affect (anxiety, fear, anger, sadness) and enhanced capacities for positive emotionality (associated with gratitude, happiness, peace, joy, humor, enthusiasm).  Where possible, I emphasize the cultivation of mind-body practices (conscious movement/exercise, yoga, meditation); forms of metta/lovingkindness (self-compassion, gratitude); engagement in nature; and capacities for safe, in-depth, interpersonal, friend, family, loving relationships.  My goal is to help client’s develop personal resources that supersede their limited time in therapy and increase their optimism, confidence, and general resilience to life’s challenges.

Approach to Wellness

Movement, travel, outdoors, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, nature, family / children, friends, laughter, ocean/surfing. Listening to BBC programs, reading.

Other Activities

UF Mindfulness Group, Dharma Ocean Gainesville.