Consultation And Referral Team (CART) Coordinator, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Associate Professor


Ph.D., Counselor Education, University of Florida

Professional Interests

While I specialize in issues related to crisis, trauma, and suicide in our university community, I enjoy connecting with and counseling people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. In addition to my role as a consultant in campus crises and emergencies, I provide individual counseling and lead interpersonal process-oriented therapy groups at the CWC. Whenever possible, I also am involved in supervising and training counselors-in-preparation and teach counselor education courses in the UF School of Human Development & Organizational Studies in Education.

Approach to Therapy

I am a humanist at heart and have received most of my elective training in Gestalt and existentially-based therapies. I have also been deeply influenced by research on the common factors of therapy (Duncan, Miller, Wampold & Hubble, 2009) and constructs outlined in Relational Cultural Theory (Miller, 2004). I believe that the therapist-client relationship plays a significant role in therapeutic outcomes, and I am committed to developing authentic, respectful, and growth-enhancing connections in the therapy process.

Approach to Wellness

I take care of myself by making time for the things that nourish me, such as painting, playing music, doing yoga, reading, biking, dancing, and cooking. I also love writing, being in nature, spending time with friends and family, and kayaking.

Other Activities

I participate on the UF’s Behavioral Consultation Team where I consult with university officials on issues related to campus safety. I am a QPR Certified Gatekeeper Trainer and provide suicide prevention training to students and organizations at UF.