Psychology Intern


PhD Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Oklahoma State University
MS, Educational Psychology, Oklahoma State University
BA, Psychology with certificate in Community Psychology, Wichita State University 

Professional Interests

Her interests include working with the LGBQ+ and TGNC communities, children of immigrants, and international students.

Approach to Therapy

Christine’s approach to therapy is an integrative approach that includes mindfulness, acceptance, and radical self-careness. She believes that systemic oppression and rigid societal standards can have a large impact on a student’s wellbeing. Christine aims to help students explore how their own identities and cultural backgrounds interact with their environment, and to develop the tools to take care of one’s wellness on an everyday basis.

Approach to Supervision

Christine approaches supervision with a collaborative and strengths-focused lens, acknowledging that each trainee is on their own path to building their therapeutic identity. She hopes to work with the trainee to set goals that match their developmental need. Then, follow through by building their confidence in foundational techniques and assist as they find the therapeutic lenses that feel most authentic. 

Approach to Wellness

Christine enjoys the idea of taking a child-like approach to wellness. She believes that we often get weighed down by our professional responsibilities and stop taking the time to play and be silly. Right now, what does your inner child want to do for fun?  

Other Activities

Christineis trying to practice what she speaks and has purchased a boogie board and joined a CrossFit gym since moving to Gainesville.