Make an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment

Give Us A Call

You can reach a CWC support staff member between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday at 352-392-1575 or visit us at 3190 Radio Rd.  The CWC support staff member will discuss your options for seeing a counselor and help you set up your triage appointment. Crisis and urgent appointments are available at both of our locations if needed.

Triage Appointments

Before Your Appointment

You’ll receive an email the evening before your scheduled triage appointment with a link to our online intake form. Please complete these forms and submit them before your appointment.

What to Expect During Your Triage

A triage appointment is a 20-minute in-person meeting with a CWC counselor to make sure you are placed in a program that suits your specific needs. The counselor will ask you questions about your problem and get some background info about you. At the end of your triage appointment the counselor will talk with you about your options. These options could include placement in a therapy group, an appointment with an individual counselor, or even a referral to a non-UF resource that may better suit your needs.

Note that the counselor who you have your triage appointment with may not be the same counselor you have in counseling. However, once you begin the counseling process it is likely you see the same person.

How many appointments can I be seen for?

CWC is a short term counseling center. Most students who receive individual therapy are seen for 1-6. If you are interested in longer term therapy, we have a case manager who can help you find non-UF services to suit your needs.