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Tessa Wimberley

Psychology Intern

Tessa Wimberley


Ph.D. candidate from the University of Florida

M.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida

B.A. in Psychology from the University of Tampa

Professional Interests

Tessa's areas of professional interest include anxiety, trauma survivors, women’s concerns, life transitions, group therapy, and counseling issues related to culture and diversity. Her research interests focus on perfectionism, mindfulness-based interventions, and help-seeking.

Approach to Therapy

Tessa's approach to therapy is integrative with emphases on interpersonal-process and client-centered approaches. She values building warm, trusting relationships with her clients and often draws from mindfulness-based and multicultural perspectives. She aims to use the therapeutic relationship to provide corrective emotional experiences by helping individuals to identify and, if needed, adjust their interpersonal patterns while also gaining increased understanding and self-compassion for themselves and others.

Approach to Supervision

Tessa's approach to supervision is based in developmental theory, considering individuals' needs and the stage of trainees. She believes that supervision should support the development of trainees' confidence and self-awareness by balancing support and challenge. Essential aspects of her supervision process include self-reflection, interpersonal processing, and collaborative learning. Additionally, Tessa encourages trainees to explore and refine their theoretical approaches.

Approach to Wellness

In her leisure time, Tessa, being a true extrovert, primarily enjoys connecting with her friends and loved ones. She is happiest when she can also spend time cooking, watching movies or shows, being physically active, and traveling.

Other Activities

Tessa is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), division 17 (Counseling Psychology). She values her previous experiences in providing education and advocacy via outreach activities with the Alachua County Crisis Center and various UF student organizations. She has also enjoyed teaching undergraduate psychology courses at the University of Florida.

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