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Natasha Maynard-Pemba, Associate Director/Training Director


PhD, Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University MS, Counseling and Counselor Education, Indiana University-Bloomington.

Professional Interests

Dr. Maynard-Pemba has a passion for training and supervision. She is interested in issues of diversity, specifically issues of cultural adjustment as it relates to stress. She enjoys administrative functions, but tries to approach them from an interpersonal and efficient approach. Dr. Maynard-Pemba enjoys working with students struggling with anxiety, depression, and self, esteem issues. She also enjoys working with couples. 

Approach to Therapy

Dr. Maynard-Pemba uses several primary theoretical orientations in her therapy including interpersonaland internal family systems theories. She has also developed aninterest in mindfulness approaches to therapy. She believes in the power of the client to make changes in their lives once they have taken the time to reflect and gain self-awareness.

Approach to Supervision

Dr. Maynard-Pemba uses a discrimination supervision model (Bernard, 1997) in her work with supervisees. She believes that the supervisor takes on several roles in the supervisory relationship including teacher, consultant, and counselor. She attempts to create an environment that is collaborative and supportive of the supervisee’s development, but also challenging for their growth. Dr. Maynard-Pemba adheres to a client-focused and therapist-focused model of supervision.

Approach to Wellness

Dr. Maynard-Pemba enjoys attending and partaking in the arts such as dance, photography, and singing. She particularly enjoys time with her family and friends. Striving for balance in mind, body, and spirit is a life journey for her.

Other Activities

She is a formerfaculty advisor for the Jamaican American Student Association (JAMSA) and served as co-faculty advisor for the Multicultural Psychological Association through the Psychology department for several years. She has served as the president of the North Central Florida Psychological Association. Dr. Maynard-Pemba has served on the board of the Association for Counseling Center Training Agencies and is currently president of the organization.


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