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Joan Scully, MSW


Joan Scully received her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Florida State University, and her Bachelor of Science in Advertising at University of Florida.

Professional Interests

Joan Scully’s interests include treatment of clients with addictions and work in preventing clients who are at risk for significant consequences due to their substance use.  Also among Ms. Scully’s interests are women’s issues, depression and anxiety (and their impact on substance use and abuse), family of origin patterns and their impact on current difficulties, and working with clients to utilize their own proven coping strategies and develop new coping strategies to ensure academic success. 

Approach to Therapy

Ms. Scully’s approach to treatment is based in Gestalt therapy which utilizes interactive and experiential therapies. Through her over twenty years in psychotherapy, Ms. Scully has developed skills in motivational interviewing, rational emotive therapy, person centered therapy and cognitive behavioral treatment.  The goals of each individual are unique to that individual, and Ms. Scully encourages clients to work with cognitive or experiential therapies to determine the best avenue for their personal work.

Approach to Wellness

Ms. Scully minored in Music during her education at University of Florida.  This has increased her use of music as a coping strategy, but has had no impact on her limited talent.  Ms. Scully has the heart of a comedian, entertaining her book club, which is made up almost exclusively of other therapists.  She enjoys swimming and other forms of exercise, reading, movies and cooking. Her biggest joy is her only child who is the “light of her life.”

Other Activities

Ms. Scully is looking forward to developing a substance abuse treatment program to help students to avoid academic, physical and career consequences due to addiction and substance use disorders.  This is a campus-wide project.

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