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Jennifer Stuart, Licensed Psychologist


PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida.

Professional Interests

Dr. Jennifer Stuart’s interests include women’s issues, disordered eating/body image concerns, grief, trauma recovery, spirituality in counseling.

Approach to Therapy

She enjoys both individual and group therapy. Her style is best described as integrative, and varies depending on client needs. Dr. Stuart’s work is informed by humanistic, existential, and relational-cultural approaches.

Approach to Supervision

Dr. Stuart takes a developmental approach to supervision, encouraging increased autonomy as trainees become more comfortable. To support this development, she incorporates self-reflection and interpersonal process in the supervision process.

Approach to Wellness

She maintains her personal wellness by staying involved with people and activities that energize her. Dr. Stuart loves hiking, camping, playing outdoors with her dogs, and anything else that keeps her connected to the natural world. Other Activities: In her non-work life, Dr. Stuart volunteers as a network specialist with a national women’s fraternity.

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